Discover, Transition, Reconnect, Live

What is your intent for your wellbeing? Do you feel like you are headed in the WRONG direction? Set a New Course with Our 5 Day REALIGN is an Immersion program custom created just for you based on a variety of principles and healing modalities.

Life Balance

If you don’t take the time to connect with you, you will become estranged from yourself. You may forget what it feels like to truly relax, or what real silence is—and silence is a vital element in a thriving spiritual life. Connecting with ourselves helps us reflect, let go of worry, and focus on what’s important.

Explore, practice, and grow! Enhance/Reset your journey with daily classes, treatments and activities that serve your intention.

Program includes:

  • Epigenetic Testing
  • 2 Healthy Meals per day
  • Personalized Evaluations
  • 3-4 hours of Specialized Daily Therapeutic Treatments
  • Access to the Bay Club Amenities
  • 1 on 1 Lifestyle Coaching & Follow Up
  • Home Care Package

Programs begin on Tuesday evening with a private consultation and check-in then continue through Sunday afternoon.

You will receive your itinerary and personalized care package after the initial evaluation. $3195 per guest (accommodations for out-of-town guests and transportation may be made in addition to the package pricing).

ReAlign Today

Join Us in Denali Alaska Summer 2024

The 5 day retreat will be filled with a variety of lifestyle kick off classes, talks, fun, food, laughs,  and adventures.

Check back as we finalize the itinerary in the next few days.


ReAlign Wellness Retreat - AK style

O2 Bar - 15, 30 or 60 minute private sessions are now available. You will be able to relax in a comfortable space while the 30-90% Oxygen Settings with Optional Aromatherapy Included in Every Session. Noise-canceling headphones are provided and meditation playlists are available to plug into or just lay back and take a nap while the O2 flows. $1-2/minute depending on the selection of time.

COMING SOON - Halo (Salt) & Chroma Therapy Lounge

Enjoy Self Guided Therapies

We are in the process of creating our newest therapy space for you. Our HydroTherapy & Meditation Room will offer a private space to enjoy the benefits of hot bath mineral soaks, Infrared Therapy, Energy Frequency stabilization and more. Expected opening Feb 5th. Contact us for pre-booking promotions/memberships.

Book our HydroTherapy & Meditation Room in 30 minute sessions. Includes used of the following therapies

  • Electromagnetic Foot Massage - non invasive therapy that aids the feet and legs in easing tension and aches while stimulating nerves and muscles.
  • Ion Foot Therapy - Aid in whole body cleansing with a relaxing soak in our ion-therapy foot bath.
  • Infrared Wall - the treatment space has an infrared wall for muscle tension relief and skin benefits. The infrared is optional during your sessions
  • Dry Sauna - enjoy the heat benefits from our mini sauna
  • Brain Tap Meditations - the Brain Tap is a program of meditations stimulating the subconscious
  • Eye Massage - our warming mechanical eye massage mask is a combination of gentle air compressions and vibrational massage to ease tension on the temporal areas

Sessions begin on the hour and may be booked up to 1 month in advance based on availability


Private Yoga Session – A variety of yoga styles are available in a private and semi-private setting. $125+ Call for more information. 813.402.2089

Pranayama Yoga Session – learn simple techniques to reduce stress, ease the mind, release restless Chi/Prana and expand lung capacity for overall health. 1 on 1 sessions (small group discounts available) 75 minutes $105

Health Coaching – Single Consultation, 30 Day Program, 3 Month Program, 6 Month Program, After a detailed evaluation and consultation our practitioner(s) will work with you to aid in developing and maintaining the lifestyle that truly resonates wellbeing. Call for more information 

Wellness Classes/Workshops – We offer a variety of classes and hands on learning workshops throughout the year. See of Events page or call for more information.