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Red Light, Infrared or IF, where appropriate, is included with any Body Therapy Session to improve circulation, relax and aid in muscle and nerve tissue calming & healing

All of our Therapeutic Treatments are Customized to suit Your Needs We use Only Earth & Animal Friendly Emulsions / Skin Care Products & Organic Oils Our Professional Licensed Professionals are Experts in Various Modalities CBD Pain Relieving or Aromatherapy Oils are used upon request at No Extra Charge

NeuroSomatic Therapy (NST) – An integrative form of manual therapy that identifies and corrects structural and biomechanical patterns in the body that cause chronic pain. Through a methodical approach applying, muscular and postural analysis with pathology, physiology, orthopedic tests and a complete consultation to identify your biomechanical imbalances our therapists create a specialized treatment to target your area(s) of need. A variety of isolated treatments are performed to assist physical healing from chronic pain, spasms, anxiety, constipation, IBS, migraines, nerve issues, etc.  90 minutes. $185.

MyoFascial Release (MFR) – A soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and chronic pain. This alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles. Aids in relief from intense neck or back pain, headaches and menstrual discomfort. 90 minutes $179

Integrated Modality w/ Tapping & Trauma Therapy – Various forms of therapy and energy balance are utilized during this Holistic Treatment with an emphasis on stress/trauma recovery. Our energy fields can harbor negative self-images and emotions as well as take on the energy of others. Even food can taint the aura making our energy field less balanced = blockages to the natural flow. When we are harboring unwanted energies, we may feel rundown, depressed, anxious, or even ill. Aura cleansing can make us feel vibrant, clearer, balanced = more “ourselves.” Tapping also allows the therapist to isolate energies and harness the powerful effect of sound waves on your body. Most beneficial for deep stress relief & nervous tension. 90-120 minutes $175-$225

Cupping Therapy w/ Massage – A mandatory consultation is necessary to establish a need / benefit ratio for this treatment. Your therapist will make the necessary recommendations according to your individual situation. Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Cupping provides localized blood flow to aid in pain relief and recovery of injured areas. You may choose from a 25 minute targeted zone treatment or a whole body treatment when the cupping technique is incorporated during a therapy massage session. 25-60 minutes $69.-130.

Custom Therapy Massage – After a brief consultation to determine your specific needs our therapist will perform a massage for targeted muscle stimulation and the release of chronic tension. Varied techniques are applied (Neuromuscular, trigger point, Shiatsu, Circular Friction…) to provide a deep and lasting relaxation of your muscular tissue which aids in accelerated recovery of the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and facial tissue and boosting circulation for overall therapeutic healing. Concentration on lymphatic drainage may be appropriated during some sessions. 60, 90 or 120 minutes. $120.-199.

Thai Body Stretching Massage – A traditional and ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga-like postures. It uses stretching, rocking and gentle muscle compression on energy lines and stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level. Benefits may include improvement in flexibility, tension relief, increased energy flow and better circulation. It also washes away anxiety, back pain, and boosts your mood.. Better Than Stretch Zone. 75 minutes. $175

Lomilomi goes far beyond massage, it also reflects the connection we have with the land (‘aina), the spirit guides or ancestors (‘aumakua) and the breath of life (aloha). Lomilomi, sometimes called Hawaiian massage, is beneficial for many ailments and increases spiritual energy and personal power (mana). 

LomiLomi Huna Balancing Ritual

Our LomiLomi Ritual is a wonderfully relaxing, healing, and spiritual experience. The people who experience this traditional treatment rave about the healing effects on both mind and body. This healing ritual finds its roots in Hawaii, where it’s used in accordance with Huna, which says that the mind, body and spirit are all connected. Huna is a practice much like yoga or meditation. Its goal is to create peace and oneness with the mind, body, and spirit.

We begin with a cleansing and intention ceremony then you are enveloped in an intoxicating sensory experience with sight, smell and sound as the nurturing strokes relax you; however, one soon learns this work is therapeutic on all levels… 90 minutes $195-225

Chakra Stone Massage – Hot, smooth lava rocks, Himalayan salt stones & Chakra stones aid the therapist in easing tension and the benefits of this slow-paced and tissue warming, massage. Great for pre-exercise muscular warm-up and general therapeutic benefits. Generally, this massage style is not deep pressure but with the use of the stones the guest will feel the tension melt away. 60 or 90 minutes $129-165.

Chocolate Decadence Massage – Not just a luxurious spa massage. Raw cacao is rich in a phytonutrient known as a flavanol. Flavanols have been shown in numerous studies to provide antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow to the brain. When you improve blood flow, and therefore oxygen to the brain, significant improvements in mental focus and attention span are made. So, if you are a chocolate lover, your skin is in desperate need of hydrating therapy, ADD is creating challenges or stress is getting you down our signature Chocolate Massage may be the answer. Enhanced with Raw Cacao and Organic Cocoa Butter for hydrating and antioxidant benefits plus the therapeutic value of our Raw Cacao mask applied to your décolleté and neck during a relaxing scalp massage add a level of relaxation beyond description. 90 minutes $183 120 minutes $235

Pre/Post-Natal Massage – After your physician has approved your clearance to receive massage therapy our specialist will pamper you at a time when you need it most. You and baby will enjoy the quiet time and the benefits of receiving massage during and post-pregnancy are countless. Unique postpartum benefits include hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding. 50 minutes $120

Tranquility Spa Massage – Traditional Swedish Style relaxation movements are used to manipulate skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons for easing tension, improving body condition, reducing stress or anxiety and bring a tranquil consciousness 60 or 90 minutes $108-139.

Body Contour Session - Precise actions target those "hard to tone" areas to break up fat deposits in the adipose tissue. This "deep" treatment stimulates lymphatic flow and is best when done in a weekly series. Consultation Required. 75 minutes $165

VinoTherapy Body Scrub & Mask Duo - Benefits abound in this exfoliation and relaxing body wrap service. Grapes are good inside and out. Our special recipe lets your skin receive all the benefits of PACs. Grapeseed oil, Grape essence, Apple & Cranberry extracts are just a few of the beneficial ingredients used to feed your body with countless nutrients, to yield Luxuriously soft skin and it's Wonderfully relaxing too. 90 minutes $179.

Organic Herbal Body Wrap - This natural body treatment is NOT A WATER LOSS WRAP. You will see immediate results and with regular treatments and responsible home care, excess waste is encouraged to be processed by stimulating lymph flow while relaxing in an ultra-warm aloe/herb cocktail spiked with aromatherapy. 60 minutes $155.

Para-Fango Mud Cocoon - Release tension, skin toxins, dehydration & reshape the silhouette thru the thermal properties of natural paraffin wax and deep cleansing sea clay "mud", rich in plant extracts this extremely relaxing body service is the ULTIMATE body treatment. 80 minutes $175.  Add a optional Therapeutic Massage to Indulge and create a true Lux Experience.

Scalp Therapy Treatment – Luxurious aromatherapy oils and massage techniques are used during this scalp stimulating and relaxing treatment. Accu-pressure points in the face and scalp are massaged inducing a tranquil consciousness, stimulate hair growth and cleanse scalp. 45 minutes $95.

Sole ReFresher – Our exclusive Foot ReFresher Essential Oil Synergy is applied during a targeted foot massage after an invigorating foot scrub then war steamed towels are applied to help alleviate pain and provide general relaxation to weary feet. Your most ignored body part will love you for this, 45 minutes $75.

Body Brasion - Resurfacing of the skin on your face is popular, but what about your body? Body-Brasion gives you the All-Over Glow and prepares the skin for a custom-blended skin hydrating ampoule and lotion application. 70 minutes $159

Butt-cial "Booty Beauty" - You have heard of a Facial for your face, neck and décolleté, you may have heard of a Backcial which is essentially a facial-like treatment for the skin and tissue of the back area, but have you ever heard of a Buttcial ??? This is a special treatment that not only "beautifies" the skin of the backside, but with the addition of cupping it will give you a glorious "lift". Our cupping therapist will incorporate the gentle use of these techniques to encourage the smoothing of adipose tissue and those unsightly bumps around your rump. This "deep" treatment stimulates lymphatic flow and is best when done in a weekly series. Consultation Required. 90 minutes $179

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